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Detecting Deviations from General Relativity using Continuous Gravitational Waves

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The direct detection of a gravitational wave with the Advanced LIGO detectors provides the opportunity to measure departures from General Relativity. These departures can arise in the speed of the gravitational wave, existence of alternate polarizations and parity violation. To measure these, we can simulate a single detector measurement of a continuous gravitational wave from a well-defined pulsar source, for example the Crab pulsar, due to an asymmetry in the moment of inertia. The speed of a gravitational wave can be measured from the Doppler frequency modulation of the signal, with an accuracy that depends on the strength of the signal. We precisely quantify the achievable accuracy and compare it with other methods of measuring the “speed of gravity”. Furthermore, we extend our previous analysis of gravitational wave polarizations to include new pulsars and LIGO S6 data.
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