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Test Mass Discharge System (TMDS): Design Document

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T - Technical notes
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06 Jun 2015, 15:12
The purpose of this document is to present a production (revised) design of the test mass discharging system.
As of this release of the Test Mass Discharging System design document, not all design has been completed, and not all quotes have been received for parts. This preliminary version of the document will be updated into a final design, and then as-built design update version, as the effort proceeds. However a sufficient amount of design information & cost estimation has been resolved to enable:
technical review of the design,
budget/account authorization via the ACR process, and
procurement (for parts which are finalized)
Notes and Changes:
Revised to include derivation of, and references for, the required residual charge.

During operation of the ionizer, an unanticipated pressure drop such as might result from running out of purge gas, can cause the pressure in the vicinity of the corona needles to drop such that an uncontrolled and damaging arc can be induced. Great care must be taken to avoid such damaging arcs by keeping a close eye on the baratron pressure

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