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Feedforward Seismic Noise Cancellation at the 40m Prototype Interferometer

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The Advanced LIGO detectors are expected to reach design sensitivity within the next four years. Seismic motion provides a low frequency limit to the current LIGO detectors design noise curves. At the 40m Prototype Interferometer, we will test new noise cancellation techniques to mitigate seismic noise. We will implement IIR Wiener filtering techniques to the mode cleaner and arms cavities. We will also determine the self noise of the seismic sensors, (accelerometers and seismometers) employed in the interferometer. With this knowledge, we will explore ways in which this sensors can be better arranged around the 40m interferometer in order to best mitigate seismic noise. The technologies developed will be applied to the Advanced LIGO detectors in order to improve low frequency sensitivity to astrophysical events, and progress made on seismic noise cancellation will be used to reduce other noise sources, particularly Newtonian gradient noise in future detectors.
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held on 20 Aug 2015 in SCR

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