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Bayesian QNM search on GW150914

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T - Technical notes
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We quantify the evidence for and estimate the parameters of QNM ’ringdown’ in the GW150914 event. This is done by Bayesian hypothesis testing and parameter estimation using a QNM ringdown model with unknown amplitude A, initial phase φ0 ,frequency f and decay time τ , as a function of the QNM start-time t0 . Using a Gaussian-isotropic prior on {As = -A sin φ0 , Ac = A cos φ0 } we can approximate the Bayes factor by analytically marginalizing over {A, φ0 }, leaving an explicit template search over {f, τ }. We search the range f ∈ [200, 300] Hz and τ ∈ [0.5, 20] ms assuming a uniform prior.
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