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Infrared Reflectance & Scatter Tests for Potential Scattered Light Mitigation Coatings (R^2 vs. BRDF)

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T - Technical notes
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Attention! This document is a summary of all combinations of coating and substrates that have been tested at CIT. For comparison of the coating that are recommended to be used at LIGO please see T1700450

Plots, reports and data from CASI measurement of coating samples
- Oxidized Stainless Steel (super #8)
- Black Glass uncoated
- AR coated Black Glass (broad band coating)
- Diamond-like Carbon on stainless steel mill finish
- Black Nickel on stainless steel mill finish
- Multi-layer AR (for 57 AOI) on SSTL (super #8)
- Chromium Oxide on stainless steel
- Diamond-like Carbon on Cr Oxide on SSTL
- “Black Nickel” on bead blasted SSTL mill finish
- Structural coating 1
- Structural coating 2
- DLC on SSTL super #8
- Redesigned mAR coating

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