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Final Report - Printing and Assembling LIGO Mini Model (scale 1:24)

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04 Aug 2018, 07:33
Agnese Sanavio a summer student intern from Mayfeild Senior School worked with Norna Robertson and Calum Torrie to not only 3D print a scaled (1:24) LIGO mini model but to also post instructions (and files) allowing anyone to print their own min LIGO. the mini LIGO Agnese built also includes a bench top Michelson Interferometer.

Below you will find the instructions on how to print and assemble your very own LIGO Mini Model (and Michelson Interferometer) as well as notes from the project.

Work on 3D printing a mini LIGO has been completed by Agnese with this report. However, the work started with 2 other summer intern students Ellie (2016) and Charlotte (2015) also from Mayfield . Their work on selecting 3D printers and an introduction to transferring LIGO CAD files to 3D parts are linked below.

Notes and Changes:
This document update includes the A+ addition and improved 3D print files.

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