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Photon Calibrator Lab Measurements General Directory

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T - Technical notes
Collection of useful DCC documents and links regarding Working Standard responsivity ratio measurements performed in the Pcal lab.

The pcal_svn is located at: _______________.

Lab responsivity ratio measurements are located in pcal_svn/Photon_Calibrator/LabData. The directories located here (ex: WSH_GS) indicate the two standards used in the measurements, with the first/second standard being the standard in the numerator/denominator of the responsivity ratio.

Measurements listed in these directories may have "t", "x", or "i" as the first letter.

"t": temporary directory, reserved for measurements that were taken recently but have not been fully vetted for data quality.

"x": unused directory, taken out of the measurement pool due to bad quality/changes to the working standard/other reasons. Should ideally have reason for removal in the notes.txt file.

"i": experiment directory, not to be used for responsivity estimates, but useful for testing the state of our system (ex: temperature dependence measurements).

"D" as the first letter means the measurement has been vetted and approved.

Procedure for in-lab responsivity ratio measurements: T1400442
Working Standard configuration/setup: T070210
Most recent changes to the standards: T1800359
Responsivity ratio deliberations for beginning of O3: T1900134
Running Pcal analysis code: T1900758

The general directory for end station calibration measurements is located at: T2000191

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