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Mirror Thermoelastic Deflection in the LIGO Optical Surface Absorption Measurement System

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T - Technical notes
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23 Dec 1997, 00:00
Calculation of the transient thermoelastic response of a high relectance mirror in an optical cavity used for material contamination measurements.

The Optical Contamination Facility (formerly the OTF, Optical Test Facility) consists of 3 vacuum chambers with high-finesse, resonant optical cavities used to test the effect of outgassing from materials/assemblies on optical properties (absorption, scatter @1064nm) over time.

basic description: P990032

original block diagram: D1001800

new block diagram: D1800215

compendium of all materials/assemblies tested to date (includes RGA results as well): E1000193

Notes and Changes:
New calculations of the high reflectance transient surface temperature, and thermally induced deflection, for the mirrors used in the optical contamination facility/cavity using Ansys and an analytical model (for 1 watt absorbed power).

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