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P070049-x0 A quantum-enhanced prototype gravitational-wave detector Robert Ward et al. Public relations
Document Migration
14 Oct 2009
G070160-x0 Experimental Demonstration of a Squeezing-Enhanced Gravitational-Wave Detector - LIGO/VIRGO Scientific Collaborations Meeting, Hilton Capitol Center, Baton Rouge LA, March 19-22, 2007 Go Goda Document Migration
27 Mar 2007
G060597-x0 Application of LIGO Technology to Biomedical Optics Go Goda Document Migration
22 Nov 2006
G060402-x0 Caltech 40m Lab Update - LSC Meeting, August 14-17th, 2006 @ Louisiana State University Benjamin Abbott et al. Document Migration
18 Aug 2006
G050328-x0 Development of a Stable Low-Frequency Squeezed Vacuum Source for Gravitational Wave Interferometers Go Goda Document Migration
27 Jul 2005
G030114-x0 Frequency Resolving Spatiotemporal Wavefront Sensor - LSC Meeting, March 17th - 20th, Livingston, LA Rana Adhikari et al. Document Migration
19 Mar 2003

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