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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
P2000140-v4 Multipolar Effective-One-Body Waveforms for Precessing Binary Black Holes: Construction and Validation Serguei Ossokine et al. Compact Binaries
17 Apr 2020
P1600198-v11 Modeling the source of GW150914 with targeted numerical-relativity simulations Geoffrey Lovelace et al. GW source predictions
Compact Binaries
18 Jul 2016
P080123-x0 Samurai project: Verifying the consistency of black-hole-binary waveforms for gravitational-wave detection Deirdre Shoemaker et al. Document Migration
Public relations
27 Oct 2009
P070101-x0 High-accuracy comparison of numerical relativity simulations with post-Newtonian expansions Duncan Brown et al. Document Migration
Public relations
16 Oct 2009
P070063-x0 Reducing orbital eccentricity in binary black hole simulations Duncan Brown et al. Document Migration
Public relations
14 Oct 2009
G020161-x0 Evolution of Binary Black Holes: A Progress Report - LSC Meeting, March 20 - 23, Livingston LA Lawrence Kidder Document Migration
05 Apr 2002

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