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Rusyl Wooley of LIGO - Livingston Observatory is listed as an author on the following documents:
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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
M0900136-v2 Restricted Work Alone Policy Charles Taylor et al. Safety
23 Jun 2018
T070195-v1 Preliminary Design AdvLIGO PSL Laser Diode Room Rusyl Wooley et al. Laser Systems
Preliminary Design
21 Sep 2016
E021114-x0 RFI Mitigation Review Board Report Rich Abbott et al. Document Migration
12 Feb 2016
E070250-x0 ELI Vent & Septum Installation Procedure Rusyl Wooley Document Migration
20 Nov 2007
E070305-x0 LIGO Molecular Contamination Analysis: HAM6 Vacuum Septum Plate for LLO Robert Taylor et al. Document Migration
20 Nov 2007
G070615-x0 Advanced LIGO PSL Infrastructure and Safety Review, Response to Committee Comments Peter King et al. Document Migration
14 Sep 2007
E030313-x0 Proposal for CDS Rack Relocation at Livingston and Hanford Jay Heefner et al. Document Migration
18 Sep 2003
G000258-x0 PEM Audit at LIGO Livingston - Bob Brown et al. Document Migration
15 Sep 2000

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