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Michele Zanolin of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is listed as an author on the following documents:

LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
P1700177-v20 An Optically Targeted Search for Gravitational Waves emitted by Core-Collapse Supernovae during the First and Second Observing Runs of Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo LIGO Scientific Collaboration et al. Astrophysics / Multi-messenger
GW Bursts
07 Aug 2019
P1500144-v3 Measuring violations of general relativity from single gravitational wave detection by non-spinning binary systems: Higher-order asymptotic analysis Rhondale Tso et al. Compact Binaries
06 Jul 2016
P080003-x0 Gravitational wave burst source direction estimation using time and amplitude information Erik Katsavounidis et al. Document Migration
Public relations
27 Oct 2009
P080016-x0 The LSC glitch group: monitoring noise transients during the fifth LIGO science run Robert Schofield et al. Document Migration
Public relations
22 Oct 2009
G080246-x0 Activities of the LSC glitch group during S5 Lindy Blackburn et al. Document Migration
11 Apr 2008
G070884-x0 Non-Parametric Distributional Tests for Gravitational Wave Transient Event Detection - GWDAW 12, Dec. 13-16 2007, MIT Erik Katsavounidis et al. Document Migration
03 Jan 2008
G070514-x0 Proposal to add 1 Senior Member to the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University MOU with the LSC - LIGO/Virgo Collaborations Meeting, July 23-26, 2007, MIT Michele Zanolin Document Migration
27 Sep 2007
G040552-x0 The AURIGA-LIGO Joint Burst Search Lucio Baggio et al. Document Migration
23 Feb 2007
T040202-x0 Proposal for the first AURIGA-LIGO joint analysis Lucio Baggio et al. Document Migration
21 Feb 2007
G060474-x0 S5 Environmental Disturbances: August 06 - LSC Meeting, August 14-17th, 2006 @ Louisiana State University Laura Cadonati et al. Document Migration
18 Aug 2006

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