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The following page has been created to act as an engineering package for new hires within the opto-mechanical group in advanced LIGO. It will also hopefully be a useful reference for existing engineers.

FRS and Integration Issue and ECR Tracker[edit]

LIGO, LSC and Caltech Orientation & Incoming Checklist[edit]

Interferometer Performance[edit]

Electronic Logbooks[edit]

Document Tree advanced LIGO[edit]

LIGO Systems Engineering[edit]

Instrument Engineering and Science[edit]

LIGO links[edit]

LIGO Bulletin Board & Weekly Report Web form[edit]

Executive Committee[edit]

Advanced LIGO Reviews[edit]

Designing for LIGO[edit]

Contamination control and cleaning[edit]


Work Permits[edit]

Third IFO Components, Long Term Storage & Loans[edit]

  • M1500293, OMT Guidance on Updating 3rd Interferometer Components
  • E1300873, Procedure to Check-In, and Check-Out, Third Interferometer Components to Long Term Storage
  • F1500003, Third IFO Component Request Form
  • L1400078, Memo describing the LHO and LLO Repository and its relationship to 3rd IFO Storage and storage of L1 and H1 in-process spares
  • E1300001, Long Term Storage Plan for the Components of the Third Advanced LIGO Interferometer (plus storage plans for each subsystem, linked to this document)

ECR Process[edit]

Resource Space[edit]

Procurement & QA[edit]


Property Control[edit]

Drawing Examples[edit]

Experimental Modal Analysis[edit]

Using the DCC[edit]

Bridge building between the DCC and ICS[edit]

Inventory Control System[edit]

Inventory Control System, ICS (formerly known as JIRA)

Clean and Bake[edit]

Engineering Change Request, ECR[edit]

Engineering Workflow & the DCN Process[edit]

Mech Eng Metrology Lab[edit]

Downs room 305A is now a Mech Eng Metrology Lab, which houses among other things LIGO's CMM capabilities

Cameras and settings Contamination[edit]


Optic Studio (Zemax)[edit]


Fasteners, Tapped holes & HeliCoils[edit]

The following wiki pages on fasteners & helicoils has been put together by Calum Torrie from information gathered from AdLIGO engineers. They are in draft form and are written for guidance. If you have any questions, comments or additional content contact Calum Torrie

Other (guidance) Wiki pages[edit]

Weekly Report Interface[edit]

Poster Printing[edit]

Guide to working at the Observatories[edit]

1. Travel coordination guidelines for installation[edit]
1.1 Virtually all work must have a written work permit and many require a hazard analysis. All hazard analyses must be approved through the safety officer and the lab deputy director (it takes time! -- should be sent to the safety officer, David Nolting, at least 1 week before use)
1.2 Read Guidelines for work at a LIGO Observatory M1100264
1.3 Coordinate date and time of visit with the Install Leader (LHO-Vern Sandberg, LLO-Janeen Romie),
1.4 Identify a designated site liaison from the appropriate LIGO Installation Organization M1000348
1.5 Read the site orientation documents:
-- Read the
-- Consult with Vern Sandberg with any other questions
-- Read the
-- Consult with Janeen Romie, Brian O'Reilly or Joe Giaime with any other questions
1.6 Every visitor must attend the 8:30AM MWF meeting at LHO or the 8:20 daily meeting at LLO. They are held in the respective site's control room.
1.7 All work must be reported each day in the alog: