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aLIGO AOS PCal Periscope Flexure

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04 Dec 2012, 16:01
Used at 4 radial locations between the outer ring of the PCal periscope structure and the Adapter Tube I.D.. Act as vibration isolation mounts for the periscope structure.
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  • IGES (D1201203 aLIGO AOS PCal Periscope Flexure.IGS, 384.1 kB)
  • STEP (D1201203 aLIGO AOS PCal Periscope Flexure.STEP, 143.9 kB)
  • Solidworks Model (D1201203 aLIGO AOS PCal Periscope Flexure.SLDPRT, 536.5 kB)
Notes and Changes:
Re-designed with 2 load points (c'sinks) for 5/16" thread diameter spherical tipped load screws. Was one c'sink for one 1/2" thread diameter spherical tipped load screw.

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