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OMC DCPD Split ISC Whitening Filter Interface Board (O3 and before)

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26 Feb 2016, 13:02
A circuit board that is designed specifically to get the OMC DCPDs into the front of an existing whitening chassis.
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OMC Whitening
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Version 3 - ECR E1600192 - AC coupling of signals for PI mode visibility
1. Remove R7, R8, R9, R10, R17, R18
2. On the back side of the circuit board, use hot glue to affix a 220pF leaded plastic film capacitor (399-7684-ND) each
between J4 pins 1, 14, 5, 18 to J3 pins 3, 11, 4, 12 respectively using jumper wire as needed.
3. Version 2 PCB is still current
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