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aLIGO, AOS, Photon Calibrator (PCAL)

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Document tree for the aLIGO Photon Calibrator sub-system.

  • Requirements documentation

    • Advanced LIGO Photon Calibrator Design Requirements T1100044
    • Optical Follower Servo Design Requirements T1300162

  • Design overview and detailed design documentation

  • Parts and spares inventoried

    • ALIGO PCAL Out-of-Vacuum Parts Inventory E1500167
    • Pcal 3IFO Inventory T1400295

  • Assembly Procedures

    • ETM target attachment procedure E1300939
    • Periscope pre-alignment cradle setup and alignment T1300585
    • Assembly of periscope frame E1300566
    • Periscope pre-alignment E1300564
    • Periscope Mirror Removal, Storage, and Replacement E1400198

  • Installation Procedures

    • Periscope Installation E1300477
    • Procedure For Attachment Of The Pcal Periscope Alignment Target To ETM Quad Frame E1300939

  • Test documents

    • Photon Calibrator Maintenance and Calibration Plan T1500519
    • TX Module Maintenance Procedure T1600436
    • Photon Calibrator End-Station Calibration T1500063
    • List of End Station Pcal PD Calibration T1500622
    • LHO X-End RxPD and TxPD Calibration Trends T1500129
    • LHO Y-End RxPD and TxPD Calibration Trends T1500131
    • LLO X-End RxPD and TxPD Calibration Trends T1500161
    • LLO Y-End RxPD and TxPD Calibration Trends T1500160
    • Integration testing of aLIGO Pcal Transmitter modules T1400632

  • User interface software

    • Photon Calibrator Directory Structure in "aligocalibration" SVN repository T1500095
    • LabView VIs for Taking Response Ratio Measurements of Power Calibration Standards T1500088
    • Photon Calibrator Front end model and MEDM controls T1500089

  • Operation manuals/procedures

    • A Short Overview of Pcal Calibration Steps T1500283
    • Methodology for Calculating Pcal Calibration Factors T1500219
    • Photon Calibrator End-Station PD Calibration T1500621
    • Calibration Standards Main Document T1500035
    • Procedure for Measuring Response Ratios of Power Calibration Standards T1400442
    • ALIGO Pcal Beam Localization System Procedures T1500039
    • Photon Calibrator Beam Localization Camera System Description and Configuration Procedures T1400551
    • Procedure for upgrading Pcal transmitter module layout to reduce the impact of depolarized light downstream of the AOM T1500144

  • Safety

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