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aLIGO, SQZ, System Overview, Routing and flanges of the electrical wires and optical fibers

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This DCC page compiles information necessary for the design of the routing and to select the flanges necessary both for the electrical wires and the optical fibers:

0) The OMC and beam diverter cables need to be re-routed

1) Electrical cables are connected to one of the top flanges (C1). 6 D25 connectors will be plugged there:

-1: D7-2C1: Tip-tilt B-OSEMs, D25
-2: D7-1C1: VOPO suspension A-OSEMs (1-4), D25
-3: D7-1C2: VOPO suspension A-OSEMs (5-6), D25
-4: D7-2C2: Injection platform low voltage components (TEC/thermistors), D25
-5: D7-3C1: Injection platform high voltage components (VOPO PZTs/Oven translation stage), D25
-6: D7-3C2: Injection platform high voltage components (PDs/Lens translation stage), D25

Cable diagram for the injection platform components is here: D1700308

2) D4 is re-arrange to receive the optical fibers feedthru

- All the SEI feedthrus are moved to a cross mounted on D4-1
- The 532nm fiber is mounted on D4-2
- The 1064 nm fiber is mounted on D4-3

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The top flange C1 will be used.

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