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BayesWave Glitch Subtraction for GW170817

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Cleaned, glitch-subtracted data around the binary neutron star merger, GW170817. These data were used for the parameter estimation results in GWTC-1.

The glitch model was created using BayesWave ( ) -- a variable dimension, parallel tempered, Markov Chain Monte Carlo algorithm -- to fit and regress the L1 glitch just before the BNS trigger time. This process is described in .

The glitch subtraction was done using the cleaned, C02-calibrated data. The glitch-subtracted data are in the frame file L-L1_CLEANED_HOFT_C02_T1700406_v3-1187008667-4096.gwf, channel L1:DCH-CLEAN_STRAIN_C02_T1700406_v3.

The glitch model used for the subtraction is the median reconstructed glitch waveform. Earlier version glitch-subtracted frames were created using a fair draw from the glitch reconstruction posterior.

The BayesWave code repository and documentation are found at The exact version of BayesWave used to produce these data pre-dates the repository's inclusion in lscsoft, however the method for glitch subtraction is unchanged.

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