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Horizon plots and noise curves for second- and third-generation detectors

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T - Technical notes
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11 Oct 2018, 12:40
Plots relating to redshift, mass and SNR for equal-mass, nonspinning CBC events in aLIGO, Voyager, ET, and CE. Code to produce the plots is given in a jupyter notebook. This code also lives in a git repo at

The "_dark_black" versions of the plots have white text and black background and are intended for use on black slides.

The "_dark" versions of the plots (in the zip file) have white text and transparent background are are intended for use more generally on dark-colored slides (which may or may not be black). These pdfs will appear strange in your browser, but should come out nicely in beamer etc.

The zip file also contains versions of the horizon plot that extend up to 1000Msol only.

Notes and Changes:
v6: astropy constants

v5: Added waterfall plots

v4: Included percentile plots for effective strain noise and updated the Voyager curve (BlueBird5).

v3: Extended range plot to 10^4 Msol and fixed a stray factor of cos(pi/6) for ET

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