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O1 parameter estimation samples release

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This is v1.0 of the O1 parameter estimation samples release. This first release contains for the 3 events observed during the first observing run (O1) sets of points drawn from the posterior probability distribution functions as described and used in the paper "Binary Black Hole Mergers in the first Advanced LIGO Observing Run" ( This includes information on the two individual masses in the detector frame, the luminosity distance, inclination angle, sky location, geocenter GPS time, spin magnitudes and tilt angles. The O2 CBC catalog release is expected to include an update of this release.

Here we have packaged each event's data into .h5 files, which contain data for SEOBNR, IMRPP, and Overall waveform models.

The provided IPython notebook reads in the event samples and makes some example plots.

Note-- The spin parameters are given at the gravitational-wave frequency f = 20 Hz

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