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Recording from OpenLVEM telecon on August 15, 2019

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T - Technical notes
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Recording of OpenLVEM call. (The first 5 minutes or so are mostly silent as we waited for people to join.)
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Maximum attendance was 64.

Record of the chat:
09:07:33 From Patrick Brady : The agenda with links is at
09:15:28 From Alan Weinstein : LIGO/Virgo S190814bv: Candidates found in initial DESGW search
09:16:30 From Alan Weinstein :
09:18:45 From mandeep gill : Alan- sorry, was that supposed to be a link to a page listing to NSBH candidates seen by DESGW..? I think it goes to Shaonís current talk actually, right?
09:19:21 From Alan Weinstein : First thing I posted was the title of a GCN from DESGW.
09:19:36 From Alan Weinstein : Then, Shaon started speaking so I posted a link to his slides
09:21:41 From Alan Weinstein : Linnk to DESGW GCN:
09:35:35 From mandeep gill : Super, got it, thx Alan..
09:40:33 From Phil Evans : Perfect - thank you
09:43:37 From mandeep gill : Phil- i was going to add in on the P_terrestrial discussion the small comment that fortunately, it seems that glitches are rare these days and chances are that one *wonít* coincide with a major event.. but thatís of course small comfort when one does! Seems the Rapid Response Team works hard on this and does the best they can with getting out accurate info asap though..
09:44:50 From Phil Evans : Sure - if if we had something with high P_terres which was dominated by a glitch, and the team them removed it, would the P_terres be lower in the initial skymap notice?
09:47:32 From Brian O'Reilly : @Phil The LALInference file from a few hours ago was not a duplicate name.
09:48:13 From Phil Evans : Sure; itís when the notices have the same filename, but actually refer to different maps that throws us.
09:48:41 From kocevski : The LALInference file also has a version number in the filename

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