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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
D1900049-v1 AM-AOM Mod Differential Input Driver Marc Pirello Sensing and Control
08 Apr 2019
D1900111-v2 A+, VE, H1/L1 OUTPUT SEPTUM PLATE Eduardo Sanchez Fabrication
16 Aug 2019
D060116-v1 BOSEM IRLED Sleeve Betsy Weaver Suspensions
09 Mar 2016
D1800027-v18 Top Level Conceptual Layout of A+ Calum Torrie et al. System Engineering
13 Jun 2019
P1900087-v5 Data release for testing GR with GWTC-1 events LIGO Scientific Collaboration et al. Compact Binaries
28 Mar 2019
T1900140-v1 Codes to create SFDBs and O2 used time segments Pia Astone et al. Continuous Wave
18 Sep 2019
T952006-x0 Analysis of an Imperfect Interferometer Gabriela Gonzalez Document Migration
01 Jun 1995
E1900199-v1 ETM Polishing Specification for re-polish GariLynn Billingsley Final Design
Core Optics
08 Jul 2019
C1900175-v3 SOW for precision polish, End Test Masses GariLynn Billingsley Procurements
Core Optics
30 Jul 2019
G1900532-v1 Multi-Messenger Astrophysics Parameter Estimation for GW and EM data channels Richard O'Shaughnessy et al. Astrophysics / Multi-messenger
18 Sep 2019
G952003-x0 Barry Controls STACIS Isolators: Their performance at MIT and Considerations forTheir Use in LIGO Gabriela Gonzalez et al. Seismic Isolation
Document Migration
18 Sep 2019
D1900071-v1 OCF, RINGDOWN CAVITY, ECD ASSY Stephen Appert Assembly
System Engineering
17 Sep 2019
D1001715-v3 aLIGO, DAS, IO EXPANSION CHASSIS, MECHANICAL ASSY Emery Brown Data Acquisition System
10 May 2019

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