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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
G1902192-v3 Comment nous avons établi avec certitude la première détection des ondes gravitationnelles David Shoemaker Public Talk / Colloquium
15 Nov 2019
D1800027-v24 Top Level Conceptual Layout of A+ Calum Torrie et al. System Engineering
22 Oct 2019
E1900223-v1 Review Report Design Requirements and Concept for the A+ ISC Filter Cavity and Relay Optics Daniel Sigg et al. A+
Sensing and Control
15 Nov 2019
E1900237-v2 In vacuum active elements and electronics for frequency-dependent squeezing Lee McCuller et al. A+
15 Aug 2019
T1900696-v1 Documentation of LLO ETM Inspection during Mid-O3 Vent GariLynn Billingsley et al. Core Optics
14 Nov 2019
D1900066-v3 A+ HAM8 84in Cover Don Griffith A+
16 Aug 2019
D1001715-v3 aLIGO, DAS, IO EXPANSION CHASSIS, MECHANICAL ASSY Emery Brown Data Acquisition System
13 Nov 2019
D1900059-v3 A+ HAM7 84in Cover Don Griffith A+
16 Aug 2019

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