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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
E1500229-v14 Third IFO Component Request Log Dennis Coyne System Engineering
10 Feb 2017
E1000618-v2 L4-C Seismometer Pod Assembly Michael Hillard Final Design
Seismic Isolation
19 Sep 2011
D1400238-x0 TCS CO2 Laser Power Supply Interlock Box David Kinzel Installation
Laser Systems
17 Jul 2014
G1801056-v2 LIGO-VIRGO working plan towards O3 Lisa Barsotti Operations
17 Sep 2018
T1600302-v2 aLIGO sensitivity projections for O2 Valery Frolov et al. Commissioning
17 Sep 2018

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