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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
E2400136-x0 Fast Digital Servo Daniel Sigg Data Acquisition System
External Collaboration
13 Jun 2024
E1100108-v1 Beamsplitter/Folding Mirror Controls Arrangement Poster Derek Bridges Assembly
Subsystem Test
14 Feb 2012
D2100049-v1 BOSEM cable with accuglass and glenair parts Luis Sanchez A+
08 Feb 2021
D1000342-v18 ISC HAM6 Assembly Lisa Barsotti Sensing and Control
Final Design
16 Jul 2015
G2401259-v1 What else? 5 minutes on alternative GW approaches for Dawn VII 2024 David Shoemaker Meeting
13 Jun 2024
G2302420-v3 Lock Loss due to Earthquakes at LIGO Hanford Observatory Alexis Vazquez et al. Seismic Isolation
12 Jun 2024
D1003006-v2 aLIGO, SUS, BS STRUCTURE STORAGE CONTAINER Kurt Buckland System Engineering
12 Jun 2024
M2100023-v24 Compact Binary Coalescence Group Organization Chart Gregory Ashton et al. Collaboration
Organizational Relations
12 Jun 2024

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