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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
E1300298-x0 SLC & VP Installation procedures Michael Smith Installation
21 Mar 2018
M1200248-v40 LSC orgchart David Shoemaker et al. Collaboration
Organizational Relations
21 Mar 2018
G1701806-v2 Gravitational wave observations Christopher Berry Compact Binaries
21 Mar 2018
T1800044-v3 Updated Advanced LIGO design curve Lisa Barsotti et al. Modelling
20 Mar 2018
G1800393-v2 Absolute Calibration of a Gravitational Wave Detector Network Jeffrey Kissel Sensing and Control
Compact Binaries
Basic R&D
20 Mar 2018
G1800450-v2 Update on ground-based instruments for HEAD 2020 Chicago March 2018 David Shoemaker Collaboration
Public Talk / Colloquium
Data Analysis
20 Mar 2018
D1800032-v2 ELECTRIC FIELD METER ASSY, HIGH POWER FEEDTHROUGH Eduardo Sanchez System Engineering
20 Mar 2018
E1300017-v5 First Contact Spray Application & Removal Procedure Calum Torrie et al. System Engineering
27 Aug 2015
P1600350-v1 What's next for LIGO? Report from the 2nd Dawn Workshop 7-8 July 2016, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA Albert Lazzarini et al. Meeting
Public relations
Data Analysis
11 Mar 2018

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