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DCN for optic container (cake tin) updates

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DCN for optic container (cake tin) updates
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Ken Mailand is also reviewing a paper copy of these drawings. (CIT will update with any comments or approval.)

1. Updated Assemblies (D0902001-v6 D0902120-v2 D0902138-v2 D0902146-v2) and added lockwasher under lock nut on toggle-foot (wedge plate clamp). Corrected o-ring on D0902146.
2. Updated Bill of Materials (E0900362-v2 E0900363-v2 E0900360-v4 E0900361-v2)
3. D0902536 - Corrected McMaster Carr p/n in title & shortened part.
4. D0902495 - Changed "spud" dia to match larger dia locating shaft.
5. D0902026 - Added machined surface.
6. D0902027 - Updated HeliCoil call-out including countersink specification.
7. Updated helicoil call-out including countersink specification. (All drawings with HeliCoils.)
8. D0902124, D0902149, D0901887 - Updated Heli-coil note and Corrected McMaster shafting p/n.
9. D0902120, D0902122, D0902124, D0902122 - Updated to allow use of .188 diameter o-ring between sleeve and top and between sleeve and base, making it the same diameter for all assemblies (D0902001-v6 D0902120-v2 D0902138-v2 D0902146-v2)
10. Misc updates/corrections to text.


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