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General Optics Cleaning Procedure

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13 Oct 2020, 11:58
There are many different optics that make up the LIGO interferometer. All of them require different degrees of cleaning and care depending on their purpose in the system. This document defines each optic by subsystem and optic type, and provides the correct procedures for handling and cleaning each optic.

Compatibility of First Contact and Common Solvents:
The clear and red polymer solvents and their thinners ARE NOT compatible, do not mix them together in wet or dry form.
Isopropanol and Methanol ARE NOT compatible with first contact, do not mix them in wet OR dry form.
Acetone IS compatible with first contact and can be used to clean up dry FC or FC brushes.

Notes and Changes:
Version 7: Updated by G. Billingsley
Corrects the title of the ground glass cleaning procedure, which now, does not require Freon.
Corrects the flow diagram for cleaning in chamber optics to allow paint or spray of First contact.

Version 6 has been updated to reflect the spray application of first contact as the accepted procedure for suspended optics, and updated references to the currently accepted optics cleaning requirements. (As of 2/21/13)

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