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DCN for wiring changes to ISC vertex wiring diagram

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E - Engineering documents
Changes to ISC wiring diagram
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dcn isc wiring
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D1200666 - ISC Vertex Wiring Diagram
T1100472 - ADC and DAC Channel Usage for ISC
E1200408 - ISC Vertex cable pull list (note that we don't have complete information to update this document yet, so it' s not linked in the related documents field

In ISC vertex drawing:
1. Moved cable 1 from ASC IO chassis ADC0 db9_7 to LSC IO chassis ADC0 db9_7 to better route the IMC servo signal
2. Moved pico-motor controllers out of field racks R4 and R5, to reflect their physical location as on top of ISCT1 ISCT6
3. Added shutter controllers next to IO table and ISCT1 for better physical location

In the ISC ADC/DAC channel allocation document T1100472:
1. Change the ADC usage per item 1 above in the vertex change list

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