LIGO Document E1400190-v1

aLIGO Pcal Periscope Mirror Storage Record, Ifo3 Y-Arm

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E - Engineering documents
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Lists the removed/stored mirrors of the pre-aligned Ifo3 Y-Arm Pcal Periscope. The mirrors are referenced to the steering (tip-tilt) mounts from which they were removed, and the storage containers in which they have been placed. Each storage container has two mirror storage cells.

The storage container referencing is via the containers' engraved DCC numbers, serial numbers, and storage cells. The steering mount referencing is via the mounts' engraved designations/serial numbers.

Used in conjunction with LIGO Procedure E1400198, this list enables the necessary replacement of the stored mirrors from their containers to their correct pre-aligned mounts, with proper orientation (clocking) within these mounts.

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