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Waiver for another RGA scan of the OMC Breadboard Assy, ASSY-D1201439-3

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The aLIGO OMC breadboard Assembly (D1201439-v2) for the 3rd IFO was recently cleaned and vacuum baked (ICS Bake-7446). The RGA scan associated with this vacuum bake was approved. Subsequently the EP30-2 adhesively bonded beam dump joints were found to be somewhat debonded, likely as a result of differential thermal expansion. Since debonding and rework of the OMC breadboard assy would risk damage to the OMC optics it was decided to stake the beam dumps by adding EP30-2 adhesive along their perimeter interface with the OMC breadboard. This was done and was successful; The beam dumps appear to be more firmly attached. This document is a waiver for another (second) vacuum bake and RGA scan.
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See also the following ICS defect record:
waiver granted 7/14/2014 by Dennis Coyne

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