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Orbitally-modulated EM counterparts to NS mergers

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The classical high-energy EM counterpart to NS mergers is expected to be a
short-GRB prompt emission powered by the accretion of the dispersed NS material
on the remnant BH. In the last few years, a couple models also predicted the
emission of a burst of gamma radiation before the merger. If such emission
happens close to the NS surface, the observed burst will be modulated by the
relativistic orbital motion of the source. I will present the features of such
modulation, the prospects for its observability and how it can be used in
analyzing data from the Fermi/GBM detectors as a followup to BNS and NSBH
detections from LIGO and Virgo.
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Amaldi 12 held on 09 Jul 2017 in Hilton Hotel, Pasadena, CA
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Abstract for Amaldi 12 meeting in Pasadena

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