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LOSC C00 Data Products (HDF5, GWF and TXT.GZ) for GW170814

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LOSC C00 data products (HDF5, GWF and TXT.GZ) for GW170814.

These data files make available data before noise subtraction, as described in

Below are links to strain h(t) time series centered at GPS 1186741861.

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The C00 data products have the "online" calibration (No noise-subtraction has been performed). LIGO frame types used C00 calibration found in the frames: {ifo}_HOFT_C00 and channel {ifo}:GDS-CALIB_STRAIN. The Virgo frame type used calibration found in frames: {ifo}-V1Online and channel {ifo}:Hrec_hoft_16384Hz. Data selection was accomplished using LOSC scripts leveraging GWpy. LIGO science segments used: DMT-ANALYSIS_READY:1 and Virgo science segments used: ITF_SCIENCE:1. Data products were produced using LOSC scripts that use GWpy for data selections.

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