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Parameter estimation sample release for GW190425

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23 Jan 2020, 21:02
As an accompaniment to "GW190425: Observation of a Compact Binary Coalescence with Total Mass ~3.4 Msun", this page contains the associated data release of:
  • An hdf5 file containing:
    • posterior (and prior) samples detailing the inference on the compact binary coalescence observations presented in the above publication (which includes three parameterized waveform families, each with low-spin and high-spin priors);
    • power spectral densities (PSDs) of the L1 and V1 detector noise around this event;
    • calibration uncertainty envelopes around this event;
    • the configuration file associated with the LALInference parameter estimation runs.
  • A python notebook 'GW190425_posterior_samples.ipynb' and associated html file which documents the content of the sample release, together with examples of how to access and create plots of the sample release content.
  • Strain data around this event are available at the GW Open Science Center (GWOSC), at
  • Skymaps are available at
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