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Reducing Early Warning Retractions to Facilitate Multi-Messenger Astronomy

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Early warning gravitational wave detection pipelines are extremely important tools that could alert astronomers to a gravitational wave event before the event has occurred, facilitating a new frontier for multi-messenger astronomy. The aims of this project are to study the early warning pipeline, specifically GstLAL, and run the pipeline using data from Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo's third observing run colored to projected O4 sensitivities. This project involves varying the upper frequency bound, since early warning detections are concentrated in the lower frequency bands, and comparing the background plots for various frequencies. Once this goal has been completed, research will be focused on testing various methods for optimizing the pipeline. Specifically, we plan to split the inspiral waveform by time and test to see how the false alarm rates change for the full waveform as opposed to various marginalized time slices of the waveform. The results of this project will give insight into how many false alarm events we could detect in O4 and will contribute to reducing retractions in the next observing run.

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