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Designing a frequency offset locking loop for the 40m prototype Arm Length Stabilization System

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The primary goal of LIGO is to directly detect gravitational waves which would open doors for ground-breaking
observations in the field of astrophysics and give us a better understanding about the universe. For such a huge
detector, there is a dire need of automated systems to control the state of the interferometer in a very efficient and precise manner. The goal of my project is to design a digital PID loop to lock the beat frequency between the Prestabilized Laser(PSL) and the Auxiliary (AUX) laser, within the working range (100 MHz) of the Arm-Length
Stabilization(ALS) system. To design such a loop, it is necessary to estimate the transfer functions and noise of all the control blocks inside the loop such as the frequency counter and the temperature actuator. Also,the interfacing
between the electronics and the control computers is required as a part of PID loop design and a remote frequency
beat-note readout.
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