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Timing Witness Signals Indicate Trustworthy Timing for Candidate G296853

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T - Technical notes
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Advanced LIGO data is taken by a DAQ that is directly driven in
hardware by the Advanced LIGO Timing Distribution System that ensures end-toend
hardware-based timing signal integrity between the received GPS signal and the
ADC boards. The Advanced LIGO Timing Diagnostic System is a separate additional
hardware that provides additional layers of timing information and crosschecks to
enable us to have versatile diagnostic information.
As an extra precaution, we examined the timing witness signals to ensure that the
aLIGO datastreams timing was perfect around Event Candidate G296853, observed
at 1186302519= Wed Aug 9 08:28:21 2017 UTC. We found that the DuoTone witness
indicated excellent timing performance on the sub-microsecond level and the IRIG-B
signals indicated precise second decoding.
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