Full Title: DAWN III Workshop, July 6-7 2017
Date & Time: 06 Jul 2017 at 08:30
Location: Syracuse, NY
External URL: DAWN III

No talks in agenda

Other documents for this event

LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
G1701282-v1 Neutron star radius from gravitational-wave observations B Sathyaprakash Compact Binaries
16 Jul 2017
G1701291-v1 Planning for the Next Generation Matthew Evans Preliminary Design
07 Jul 2017
G1701294-v1 OzGrav and 3G - lessons from Australia's participation in the Square Kilometre Array (SKA). Matthew Bailes Meeting
07 Jul 2017
G1701270-v1 Strategy Issues Barry Barish Detector
07 Jul 2017
G1701254-v1 Extreme Gravity: A Perspective About Numerical Relativity and Future Outlook Manuela Campanelli Compact Binaries
07 Jul 2017
G1701292-v1 Astroparticle Physics in Europe - via our new roadmap towards more collaboration and coordination. Sheila Rowan et al. Management
07 Jul 2017
G1701276-v2 The first stars and galaxies through a gravitational wave lens Stephen Fairhurst Compact Binaries
Astrophysics / Multi-messenger
GW source predictions
07 Jul 2017
G1701289-v1 Models for Governance of Scientific Megaprojects Gary Sanders Management
06 Jul 2017
G1701252-v1 Overview of tests of GR for 3G detectors Salvatore Vitale Compact Binaries
06 Jul 2017
G1701274-v1 Selected technical challenges for Cosmic Explorer Evan Hall Upgrades
Conceptual Design
Basic R&D
06 Jul 2017
G1701266-v2 Squeezing highlights Lisa Barsotti Upgrades
06 Jul 2017
G1701280-v1 Dawn 3 Coating Summary Steven Penn Basic R&D
06 Jul 2017
G1701267-v1 Technological Advances: Seismic/Suspensions Giles Hammond Detector
06 Jul 2017
G1701271-v1 Update from GWIC at DAWN III Sheila Rowan Education, Outreach
06 Jul 2017
G1701205-v2 Welcome to the Third Dawn Workshop Albert Lazzarini Organizational Relations
Public relations
06 Jul 2017

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