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Torrey Lyons of Unknown Institution is listed as an author on the following documents:

LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
G960081-x0 Time-Domain Behavior of the 40-Meter Interferometer Kent Blackburn et al. Document Migration
13 Mar 2014
T940089-x0 Notes on Pulses (covers 1992 through 1994) Torrey Lyons Document Migration
30 Oct 2002
T940077-x0 Proposal for Recombination of the 40-m Interferometer Torrey Lyons et al. Document Migration
10 Oct 2002
G930009-x0 Seismic Isolation and Suspension: Vacuum/Optical Compatibility Testing - NSF Review, 7-10 June 1993 Torrey Lyons Document Migration
14 Aug 2002
T000095-x0 Optical Recombination of the LIGO 40-m Gravitational Wave Interferometer Denise Durance et al. Document Migration
03 Oct 2000
T920006-x0 Near-Thermal Excitation of Violin Modes in the Test-Mass Suspension Wires of the 40-meter Prototype Interferometer Aaron Gillespie et al. Document Migration
22 Jul 1997

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