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Anand Sengupta of Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar is listed as an author on the following documents:

LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
M1100296-v2 LIGO-India, Proposal of the Consortium for Indian Initiative in Gravitational-wave Observations (IndIGO),[Public] Bala Iyer et al. Proposals
09 Apr 2012
P080049-x0 Geometric algorithm for efficient coincident detection of gravitational waves B Sathyaprakash et al. Document Migration
Public relations
27 Oct 2009
G0900564-v2 Searches for gravitational waves from compact binary coalescences by the LIGO and Virgo Collaborations Anand Sengupta et al. Meeting
Compact Binaries
01 Jul 2009
G080217-x0 Calibrators - The h(t) group - LSC/Virgo Collaborations Meeting @ Caltech, March 17-20, 2008 Joseph Betzwieser et al. Document Migration
04 Apr 2008
G070906-x0 Search for gravitational waves from Compact Binary Coalescence in LIGO data Anand Sengupta Document Migration
01 Apr 2008
G080164-x0 Search for gravitational waves from inspiraling high-mass (non-spinning) compact binaries Anand Sengupta Document Migration
27 Mar 2008
G070460-x0 Taking parameter correlations into account in the binary inspiral pipeline Craig Robinson et al. Document Migration
19 Oct 2007
G060650-x0 E-thinca: an improved method for coincidence analysis - GWDAW 11, Potsdam, Germany, December 18-21, 2006 Craig Robinson et al. Document Migration
10 Jan 2007
G020360-x0 LSC ASIS Talk by Dhurandhar et al.: Extended Hierarchical Search for Inspiraling Compact Binaries - LSC Meeting, August 19th - 22nd, Hanford WA Sanjeev Dhurandhar et al. Document Migration
21 Aug 2002

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