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Charlotte Bond of University of Birmingham is listed as an author on the following documents:

LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
P1500233-v1 Interferometer Techniques for Gravitational-Wave Detection Andreas Freise et al. Conceptual Design
Education, Outreach
Sensing and Control
Input Optics
Auxiliary Optics
Core Optics
Basic R&D
18 Nov 2015
T1400270-v1 Comparing simulations of the Advanced LIGO Dual-Recycled Michelson Charlotte Bond et al. Modelling
28 Sep 2015
T1400182-v1 Simulations of effects of LLO mode-mismatches on PRFPMI error signals Charlotte Bond et al. Commissioning
28 Sep 2015
G1400580-v1 Finesse 2: Radiation pressure and the quantum kat Daniel Brown et al. Modelling
05 Jun 2014
T1300954-v2 Investigation of beam clipping in the Power Recycling Cavity of Advanced LIGO using FINESSE Charlotte Bond et al. Commissioning
Core Optics
16 Dec 2013
G1300687-v1 Modelling mirror surface distortion effects in low-loss, near-unstable Fabry-Perot cavities Daniel Brown et al. Modelling
27 Nov 2013
G1200548-v1 Optical simulations within and beyond the paraxial limit Daniel Brown et al. Modelling
24 May 2012
T1200046-v1 LIGO 3 Strawman Design, Team Red (public version) Stefan Hild et al. Detector
Basic R&D
31 Jan 2012

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