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Dakota Madden-Fong of Stanford University is listed as an author on the following documents:

LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
T1300786-v6 LIGO III Quad Pendulum Conceptual Design Optimization Brett Shapiro et al. Basic R&D
23 Nov 2013
P1600301-v6 Cryogenically Cooled Ultra Low Vibration Silicon Mirrors for GW Observatories Brett Shapiro et al. Basic R&D
20 Jun 2019
T1300993-v3 Suggestions for modifications to future suspension designs Brian Lantz et al. Basic R&D
28 Feb 2019
T1300556-v1 Radiation Transfer at the Face of a LIGO III Test Mass Dakota Madden-Fong et al. Basic R&D
27 Apr 2014

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