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Trillium Pod Locating eccentric

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D - Drawings
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28 Jan 2010, 15:42
Clamp eccentric used to hold Trillium pod against Alignment pins.
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- updated note on scribing
- updated the note on LIGO spec
- updated the revision block

[the following is an email exchange with a machine shop (A. Stein):

Sent: June 15, 2010 5:32 PM

The .53-diameter hole is for clearance. It doesn't need a flat bottom - you can go ahead and drill it, though please make sure the bottom edge of the .501/.502 section is free of burrs.

Yes, please add the .02 chamfer to both ends of the hole, as well as the hex end.


Sent: June 15, 2010 4:01 PM
To: Andy Stein
Subject: D0901819-V2

Howdy Andy,

On this part, I would like to drill the .53 dia. It looks like it is for clearance, but does it need to have a flat bottom? Also, the hole from either side doesn’t show any chamfering. I was going to add the usual .02 chamfer to both ends of the hole and the hex end. Sound good?//]

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