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Optical Contamination Cavity Test Results: New Focus Picomotor 830X-UHV

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This document will report test results from optical contamination cavity tests of a picomotor assembly from New Focus (model 8301-UHV and 8302-UHV) intended for Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) service. This picomotor is intended as an actuator for use on 1" and 2" diameter mirror mounts used by ISC for aLIGO.

N.B.: 8301-UHV units were RGA tested for eLIGO, after removing the LVP Krytox lubricant. They were in the optical contamination test queue in 3/2007, but were never tested! One (or two?) units were installed in eLIGO but seized up, presumably because of the lack of LVP Krytox lubricant. Since this time, Krytox has been tested and approved for LIMITED use in LIGO. This test will be of eight (8) copies of model 8302-UHV (simply longer stroke versions of the 8301-UHV model), with Krytox.

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The number of picomotors intended to be used by the ISC group is indicated in the block diagrams per chamber referenced from the overall ISC block diagram (D1000653-v2), as "actuated" mounts. There are 28 picomotors per interferometer:
HAM3/9 - 4 picomotors each
HAM6/12 - 4 picomotors each
BSC5,6,9,10 - 4 picomotors each
As a consequence, and assuming that HAM6/12 may eventually be opened to the main vacuum volume, the counts per vacuum volume are as follows:
Vertex - 12 picomotors
LHO Diagonal - 12 picomotors
End - 8 picomotors
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