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RGA Test Results: A-OSEM Assemblies (quantity = first 7 production units; ICS bake 324)

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The RGA measurement of the first 7 A-OSEM (D0901065) production units (ICS bake 324) showed an anomalously high apparent air and water outgassing rate. The results of this RGA measurement are given here and compared to other relevant measurements:
1) E1000298, RGA qualification of the ESd 480 PEEK material used for the A-OSEM heads
2) E1000374, RGA results for a quantity of 404 wound A-OSEM production heads
3) E1000376, RGA results for A-OSEM circuit board assemblies (flex circuit, devices, alumina stiffener and connectors)
These 3 other measurements do not indicate a high air & water outgassing rate.

If the outgassing rates as determined by these first 7 production units holds for all of the A-OSEMs, then the base pressures in the diagonal (LHO) and vertex vacuum volumes is increased by 0.6e-9 torr and 0.2e-9 torr in the LHO end station. (See E0900398)

see also the Inventory Control System entries:

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