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aLIGO HAM Tip-Tilt Suspension Assembly Procedure

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aLIGO HAM Tip-Tilt Suspension Assembly Procedure
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Added, section 1.4 Safety, noting to wear safety glasses during assembly.

TJ and Betsy notes on Assy of Tip Tilt

1) CG weight of mirror/mirror holder must not be correct in solidworks since we ran out of adjustment range in up/down position, as well as in pitch sometimes.
Maybe this was all due to the differences between different optics used.

2) Pitch adjust screw at bottom of mirror mount is extremely fussy to adjust.

3) Make any locking set screws SHCS so fingers can lock things to "finger tight" (such as under mirror mount).

4) Assembling and installing the wire loop with such small clamps and wires was a trick (took 4 hands). The clamp on the end of the blade tip swivels when tightened.

5) Side plates D1000772 could use more visibility to mirror (make window in side plate bigger)

6) Cable bracket holder D1001484 which mounts to TT frame is unused - OSEM cable length sufficient to mount 25pin connector to brackets on table. Maybe these were intended for the case when TT's had very short (~10") BOSEM quadrapus cables (which were never fabricated).

7) Watch out for optic aperture! - see FRS 10355 for latest upgrade on brackets to open up useful aperture.

Procedure updates needed:
- Wire jig fixture has little to no instruction (Suresh showed us)
- Wire diameter selection is confusing - doc says 1 thing, Suresh tested what 40m suggested, nothing finalized
- Tip Tilt Assy drawing needs major update (is missing things) D1001396
(D060110 not shown, no bubbles to link BOM to parts drawn, etc.)

Other items which should be watched for QAQC:

- BOSEM adjustment shaft hard to turn
PEEK nut is too tight in bracket slots on D1001511/D1001496, although the slot is drawn as the same size as all other SUS BOSEM brackets. Likely this is a machining tolerance issue on one of these brackets.

- PEEK Magnet Flag assy D1002338 did not thread into the mirror mount perpendicular in some cases, so the flag did not line up well in the BOSEM.

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