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Material Qualification RGA Test Results: NuFern Single-Mode, Optical Fiber 1060 - OCT-P

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Material Qualification RGA Test Results for the following the optical fiber being used by the Squeezed Light Upgrade (SLU) project: NuFern Single-Mode, Optical Fiber 1060 - OCT-P. The description (derived from section 3.2 of E1500384 and the specification):

NuFern single-mode, optical fiber 1060-OCT-P. Intended for in-vacuum service for the Squeezed Light Upgrade (SLU) project (see section 3.2 of E1500384). This is a polyimide coated optical fiber. The particular grade and source for the polyimide is considered confidential information by the manufacturer (NuFern). The heat-effected, or pyrolized, polyimide end zones are encapsulated by the epoxy so outgassing from the degraded polyimide should not be a concern in the final application.

Clean the fiber by emersing into acetone, then isopropanol, then methanol baths -- no ultrasonic bath to avoid weakening the fiber.

Bake in a vacuum bake oven at 120C for 48 hours, with a programmed ramp up and ramp down of 120C in 6 hours.

Note that while the operating temperature is up to 300C, we only bake to 120C since this fiber will be assembled (with epoxy) into a collimator which is then only baked to 120C. The fiber should be cleaned and baked prior to conducting the optical contamination cavity test. In the interest of time, you could clean, then air bake, then optical contamination cavity test and then finally RGA test.

The RGA test results can be found in ICS Bake-8771:
The apparent hydrocarbon outgassing rate is limited by the RGA noise floor.

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