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Gamma Ray Burst Observations with LIGO

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The LIGO and Virgo laser interferometers are preparing for the operation of enhanced detectors at unprecedented sensitivity. At the beginning of the observational era, the most interesting science will come from multi-messenger
observations, where the gravitational wave signal has an electromagnetic counterpart. In particular, Gamma Ray Bursts have been the focus of LIGO searches since the early days of its data acquisition, with templated searches
for compact binary coalescences for short GRBs and unmodeled burst searches, to cover other possible models for both short and long GRBs. Information on the
time and location of the progenitor is used to increase the sensitivity of the search and, in the event of a detection, confidence in the result. In this talk I will review LIGO's effort for the observation of Gamma Ray
Bursts, with methods, interpretations and prospects, in the upcoming era of Enhanced and Advanced LIGO.
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This is a review talk for the Neutron Star GRB conference in Alexandria, Egypt:

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