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aLIGO QUAD "Level 2" Damping Loop Design

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This document supplements LLO aLOG 6949, presenting new filters designed for the QUAD that -- though they don't meet aLIGO requirements -- come close and should suffice for quite some time.
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aLIGO SUS QUAD Damping Loop
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Updated other files
- Level 1 Filters and FOMs
- Level 2 Filters and FOMs
because of a bug in modeled seismic input motion (Z and RZ motion had been swaped). This fix only affects Vertical and Yaw FOMs. (Hence there's no need to change the main presentation, since it focuses on L only, and shows no Vertical or Yaw plots.)

Also fixed a few other plotting bugs such that all FOMs are captured (instead of some missing, and some overwritten by duplicates).

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