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H1 Calibrated Sensitivity Spectra Nov 08 2018 (Representative for ER13)

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These are calibrated strain and displacement spectra are to serve as representative for ER13 (prior to O3), taken on Nov 08 2018, when the luminosity range for 1.4-1.4, 10-10, and 30-30 [M_sol] binary systems was (75.56, 375, 926.5) [Mpc].

Further, these spectra are in the process of being reviewed and should be considered preliminary and are subject to change in future versions.

This data is from the calibrated real-time channel DELTAL_EXTERNAL.
We expect the uncertainty in calibration at this time is roughly 10% and 5 deg [deg], valid between 10 and 2000 [Hz] (the uncertainty is larger and unquantified outside this band). A more detailed calibration will be performed closer to ER13.

For details on how the ASD was calculated, see T1500365.
The code that produced this plot is

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