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High-energy Neutrino follow-up search of Gravitational Wave Event GW150914 with IceCube and ANTARES

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We present the high-energy-neutrino follow-up observations of the first gravitational wave transient GW150914 observed by the Advanced LIGO detectors on Sept.~14$^{\rm th}$, 2015. We search for coincident neutrino candidates within the data recorded by the IceCube and \textsc{Antares} neutrino detectors. A possible joint detection could be used in targeted electromagnetic follow-up observations, given the significantly better angular resolution of neutrino events compared to gravitational waves. We find no neutrino candidates in both temporal and spatial coincidence with the gravitational wave event. Within $\pm 500$\,s of the gravitational wave event, the number of neutrino candidates detected by IceCube and \textsc{Antares} were three and zero, respectively. This is consistent with the expected atmospheric background, and none of the neutrino candidates were directionally coincident with GW150914. We use this non-detection to constrain neutrino emission from the gravitational-wave event.
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