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Data release for O3 all-sky IMBH search

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This page contains the associated data release of "Search for intermediate mass black hole binaries in the third observing run of Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo" (O3 all-sky IMBH search paper) :
  • '200114_020818_posterior_samples' (200114_020818_posterior_samples_new.tar) contains-
    • an hdf5 file '200114_020818_posterior_samples_new.h5' containing posterior (and prior) samples detailing the inference on 200114_020818 event presented in the above publication including three parameterized waveform models (IMRPhenomXPHM, NRSur7dq4, SEOBNRv4PHM), along with the estimated power spectral densities (PSDs), calibration uncertainty envelopes around this event, and the configuration files associated with the runs.
    • a python notebook '200114_020818_PEdatarelease.ipynb' and its HTML version which documents the content of the sample release, together with examples of how to access and create plots of the sample release content.
  • '200114_020818_skymaps'(200114_020818_skymaps_new.tar)- tarball containing FITS files for constructing skymaps for each waveform model, '.multiorder.fits' being the multi-resolution files and '.fits' being the flat-resolution files.
  • 'Fig_B1'( ZIP file containing waveform reconstruction study files of 200114_020818 presented in the above publication and a python notebook 'Fig_B1.ipynb' which produces Fig.B.1 in the paper, and a pdf/png file of the figure Fig.B.1.
  • 'Fig_B2'(Fig_B2.tar.gz)- tarball containing the hdf5 file '200114_020818_posterior_samples_new.h5' mentioned above, a python notebook 'Fig_B2.ipynb' which produces Fig.B.2 in the paper and png files of Fig.B.2
  • 'Rate_estimation_Fig'(O3IMBHSensitivity.tar.gz)- tarball containing simulation campaign results performed by the combined cWB, GstLAL, and PyCBC searches reported in the paper along with a Jupyter notebook documenting the data product and demonstrating the results.
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