LIGO Document T080277-v1

BS, CP, RM, ITM and ETM Wedge Angle Tolerance

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T - Technical notes
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This technical note establishes the maximum and minimum wedge angles for the Advanced LIGO BS, CP, RM, ITM, and ETM in the folded and non-folded interferometers. The BS wedge angle is specified as 0.05 -0.00/+0.03 deg horizontal. A 5 deg clocking error of the BS wedge from the horizontal plane is acceptable. The CP wedge angle is specified as 0.04 - 0.03/+ 0.04 deg horizontal. The RM wedge angle is specified as 0.04 -0.03/+ 0.04 deg vertical, thick side up. The ITM and ETM wedge angles are specified as 0.07 -0.00/+0.03 deg vertical, thick side down.
COC wedge-angle
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v1 is equivalent to 03.

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