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Mariner Suspension for Cryogenic Interferometers

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Gravitational wave astronomy has been a rapid growing field, we use interferometers to detect gravitational waves which give us insight into optically hidden events such as black hole mergers. Since the current noise levels of the Advanced LIGO detectors are reaching to the physical limit, they will soon need detector upgrade. For the successful design of such upgrade, the development of the cryogenic suspension is imperative. The goal of my summer research is to build and test a prototype suspension system. In this article, we will be describing the project “LIGO Voyager” [3] and our goal for the summer to help push the advancement of the current aLIGO to LIGO Voyager by creating a prototype suspension system. This prototype will then be tested in air, vacuum, and at cryogenic temperatures specifically looking at the dynamical and cooling performance. Our Test results are feedback to the modification of the suspension design for Mariner and thus increase the feasibility of the Voyager upgrade.
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